4 Tips For Packing Your Storage Unit

packing-moving“Clean your room!” is a go-to command for parents across the world, because a disorganised, messy space can be stressful and unsightly. That also applies to self storage units: A unit with everything tossed in helter-skelter can be tough to comb through; additionally, items packed at random often take up more space than carefully organized ones. (Think of tossing balled-up clothes into a suitcase instead of folding them first.)

Luckily, there are several easy ways in which you can organise the packing of your storage unit, letting you get the most out of it.

Pick the Right Unit

Before you start moving items into a storage unit, it’s important to make sure you’ll have enough space. Getting a unit that’s a little too big is preferable to getting one that’s just too small for your belongings. You can take some of the guesswork out by getting advice from the site manager about your situation and space needs.

Once you’ve picked a unit, you can begin keeping a running diagram of where you plan to put items and where they end up.

Pack and Plan Carefully

Mindful packing is an essential part of keeping an organised storage unit. Clearly label your boxes on all sides. It’s helpful to have on hand bubble wrap, proper packaging tape, and plentiful boxes–all items you can get in a packing kit.

Keep track of which items are heavy and light, as well as which items you’ll need frequently versus infrequently. You’ll want to place frequently needed items closer to the front of the unit, and heavier items below lighter, more fragile ones.

Your diagram can be a helpful tool here. Note that planning to keep the middle of the room empty can make it much easier to move around inside the unit.

Make Use Of Empty Items

Refrigerators, luggage, dressers–all of these take up a lot of room, but they can also hold lots of items. With planning, you can turn these space hogs into helpful organizers; for instance, a suitcase placed near the front of the unit may be a good place to store clothes you think you’ll need soon.

packing-your-storage-unitSequence Your Loading and Unloading

When you’re organizing your items to move them to the unit, load items you’ll want to unload first at the end.

This means items you’ll be putting at the back of the unit–large, heavy items or things you won’t need anytime soon–should go into your vehicle last. That way, when you arrive at the site, you can slide those items off first and easily pack them into the unit.

Then, stick to the plan you made during the packing phase as much as possible. Be sure to update your diagram as you move in–and enjoy all your well-organized extra space.


We’d love to hear about other tips and tricks you have for packing and organising your belongings for storage or otherwise. And remember, if you’re looking for self storage near you, check out our map to find self storage sites throughout the UK.