Got A Tangled Mess? 4 Tips For Storing Electronics Cables

organizing-electronics-cablesElectronics cables are wonderful inventions: They carry power and information at incredible speeds. Unfortunately, they can also twist around themselves, get lost, and contribute to clutter once they start piling up. Here are some ways to help avoid that fate:

Cable Ties

One of the cheapest, but most effective, ways to deal with cables is the use of cable ties. Nylon cable ties–the ubiquitous “zip-tie” variety–can very snugly hold cables together. Velcro cable ties are a reusable option, and applicable for both coiling a cable up for storage and fastening cables together temporarily.

A Box

Sticking extra cables in a box is such a simple solution that many people overlook it. But keeping a designated cable box somewhere in your home–perhaps in a closet–will give you an out-of-the-way place to stick unneeded cables, not to mention chargers and other small electronics accessories.

Worried about your cables getting tangled up in the box? Put each one in a zip-lock bag.

Cable Clips

If your desk is crisscrossed by random, tangled cables, then cable clips might help. A cable clip attaches to a surface, like a desk or wall. The clip has a groove in which a cable can sit. This keeps the cable straight, so that it can’t bunch up around itself or run into other cables. Cable clips come in different sizes for different cable thicknesses.

Cable Sleeves

Modern workstations–often with multiple monitors, external hard drives, and speakers all requiring cables–can quickly become overwhelming nests of cables. A cable sleeve works to remedy that. Cable sleeves can attach to a surface, like the back of a desk. Cables feed through it, basically turning numerous streams of cables into one solid river. Some cable sleeves boast multiple openings, so that different cables can enter and exit at advantageous points.

If your cable situation is currently out of control, trying some of these methods can help you reclaim your desk, declutter your media area or workspace, and give you a more productive, less stressful electronics experience.