4 Tips For Moving Large Furniture

Couple Moving SofaFurniture like beds, dressers, and TV stands all serve to make our lives better–until we need to move them. Moving can be annoying, and even more so if you’re wrestling with a beastly piece of furniture. But there are ways to make transporting cherished furniture less cumbersome.

Measure It

Take measurements of your large furniture pieces, the place they need to go, and the rooms they’re currently in. (Why the rooms they’re in? Some furniture may have been assembled in the room, rather than carried in whole. If that’s the case and it’s too big to leave, then you’ll need to take it apart first or work out a way to leave it behind.)

Check every doorway the object needs to pass through, as well as how much space it’ll take up in its new destination. If an object is too big to fit in your new home, that’s a bummer, but there is an upside: Now you won’t waste time moving it, and can sell or donate it instead.

Disassemble It

If a piece of furniture can be taken apart without tremendous effort, it’s probably worth your while to do so. Legs that unscrew are an obvious target. Taking cushions or foldaway mattresses out of couches can reduce their weight and bulk significantly.

Pad It

Big furniture may seem durable, but it’s just as vulnerable to damage during a move as anything else. The best way you can protect your furniture is by padding it. You can buy moving blankets in bulk and use them as a protective wrapping, both around your furniture as well as on the surfaces it’ll rest on during the move. For mattresses, special bags are available to keep them clean.

Another option is bubble wrap. You can always wrap the whole piece, but barring that, wrapping corners can help prevent the furniture from chipping itself or damaging other items with a poke. Just be careful to keep the tape’s adhesive side from touching any finished surfaces.

Wheel It

Wheels make everything easier. Sack barrows are relatively cheap, and some apartment complexes will even loan them out for free. Just be careful not to load a too-small cart with a piece of furniture that will make it impossible to handle and steer.

Enjoy It

If you start early enough, and take the time to plan, moving large furniture can be satisfying rather than frustrating. You’ll get some exercise, see results hour to hour, and be able to enjoy old comforts in your new home.