4 Tips For Staying Organized While Moving House

4 Tips For Staying Organized When Moving HouseMoves can be chaotic: You have to coordinate schedules, transportation, and packing, often with multiple people and companies involved. But by controlling a few key factors–supplies chief among them–you can stay more organized and have a less stressful move.

Thin Out the Herd

It’s easier to organize two people than it is three. Likewise, it’s easier to organize your packing if you have less stuff to deal with. Here are a few quick ways to get rid of unneeded items:

  • If you’re moving in with a partner, get rid of any duplicate items
  • Donate anything you haven’t worn in a year, or that doesn’t fit
  • Yard sales, or community yards sales, can scrounge up some cash for stuff you don’t want
  • Assess whether it’s worth moving your furniture; buying replacements may be easier overall

Gather Enough Supplies

Running out of boxes, or tape, or bubble wrap, or, well, anything in the middle of a move can be an unwelcome interruption. Some outlets allow you to return unused boxes, so don’t be afraid to buy more than you need. Also be sure to buy a wide range of boxes; for instance, large ones, paradoxically, aren’t good for dense, heavy objects, like books, as too many in a large box can make the box unwieldy.

Some other items you’ll typically want:

  • Markers
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper

A packing kit can be a great starting point.

Plan Tasks for Helpers

If you’ve enlisted the help of friends during a move, congratulations! You have good friends. But it’s essential to make sure they have something to do, or else they’ll just stand around or be in the way. If you have friends coming to help, take some time to jot down what they’ll be doing. For instance, it may be tough for two people to pack a small kitchen due to space considerations, but you could assign a friend to pack your kitchen while you work on another room.

Label Everything

If you find writing BEDROOM or KITCHEN on boxes annoying, just think about how much time it’ll save throughout your move. Labeling can make moving is safer for your items (boxes marked FRAGILE can be carefully packed and handled) and easier to handle at the end of the move (you can unload and take boxes to the rooms where their items are needed, rather than scattering them throughout your new home at random).

Ditch what you don’t need, stock up on supplies, communicate well with your helpers, and label thoroughly: That’s all it takes for a more organized move.