5 Tips For Storing Christmas Decorations

5-tips-storing-christmas-decorationsChristmas is a time for cheer, family gatherings, and … an overwhelming amount of stuff. Decorations, gifts, guest furniture, and more all need to be dealt with. Keep reading to learn about five ways you can stay organized during Christmas.

1. Labels Are Your Friend

Keeping your decorations organized can be a chore. Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) recommends labels as a remedy: “Before you start packing away your decorations, the key is to label everything so you know where items are — and what they are, as well.”

Labels are useful for more than just decorations. Avoid getting wrapped gifts mixed up by labeling them promptly.

2. Use Clear Totes

Clear plastic storage totes offer two advantages over cardboard boxes: They’re more durable, and therefore will last longer, plus you can see what’s in them without rooting through every time. One way to take your organization a step further is by taking pictures before you unpack a tote; that way, you’ll be able to refer back to the photos when re-packing.

3. Protect Your Ornaments

Ornaments are fragile, and it can be a drag when you break a family favorite. BHG suggests using divided boxes to protect them in storage: “Divided wine or liquor boxes are perfect for storing round or odd-shape ornaments — they’re sturdier than commercial versions and often free at your local store.”

4. Cable Management

Decorative lights can become a tangled mess if you just toss them into a box when you’re done with them. To avoid this fate, try wrapping them around another object, such as a wrapping paper tube or piece of cardboard. Also be sure to check out our dedicated post on cable management.

5. Rent Extra Space

A self-storage unit can be a great help during Christmas. It can serve as a clandestine gift depot, a decorations storehouse, or a place to keep furniture you need while you have guests but don’t want in your home full-time. Flexible lease lengths and unit sizes mean there’s probably a fit for your needs. For more information, contact Mr Store or check out self storage locations online.

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