Packing Tips For Moving Your Bedroom

Packing Tips For Moving Your Bedroom

Provided you’re getting enough sleep, you probably spend more time in your bedroom than any other place in the home. And that means a lot of stuff builds up in bedrooms: clothes, bedding materials, and so on. Like any room, packing a bedroom is a challenge made easier with the right plan and supplies.

Gathering Supplies

These items will help as you pack your bedroom:

  • Mattress bags (be sure to select the right size, and don’t forget one for your box spring)
  • Small, medium, and large moving boxes
  • Sturdy bags for odd-shaped items, like those sold by IKEA
  • Packing tape
  • Markers, to label boxes
  • A dolly, if you plan to move furniture out
  • Wardrobe box (optional)

Cleaning Out your Closet

Clothes may be relatively light, but they take up lots of space. Weeding out clothes you haven’t worn in awhile (a year is a good benchmark), clothes that don’t fit, and clothes that are similar to newer items you’ve bought can drastically cut down on how much you have to pack. Many charities welcome used-clothing donations, and your friends may want to take a pass at whatever you’re getting rid of as well.

Packing Clothes

After you’ve cleared out extra clothing, here are a few ways you can pack what’s left:

  • A wardrobe box will let you hang clothes for transport
  • Luggage is also great for containing clothes during a move
  • Regular boxes lined with moving paper will suffice as well
  • In a pinch, trash bags can hold a surprising amount of clothing
  • Avoid placing shoes under heavy items

Packing Your Bed

Beds, because of their bulk, are challenging to move. Evaluate whether it will be cheaper to move your bed or to just buy a new one closer to your new place. If you do plan to move your bed with you, remember to use mattress bags in order to keep your mattress and box spring clean. Disassemble the frame, and keep all of its pieces together.

It may be tempting to try to lash the mattress to the top of a car and drive it to your destination; however, this will leave you at the mercy of the weather and make driving more difficult. Consider hiring a crew or renting a truck instead.

As for the bedding, you can protect it by putting it in plastic bags and/or lining the box it goes in with plain white paper.

On the Other Side

Once you’ve arrived with your bedroom items in tow, you may want to set up the bed first. With the bed settled in position, you can better fit your smaller bedroom items around it. (Plus, you’ll have a place to sleep after a long day of moving.) From there, you can unpack the rest of your items, and begin enjoying your new bedroom!