Car Boot Sales & Self Storage

Car boot sales & self storageA car boot sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted belongings while picking up some extra cash.

The only problems are:

  • where to keep the items you want to sell until you actually sell them
  • how to organize the items until the sale day arrives

Self-storage is an excellent solution to these problems.

Storing Your Stuff

A self-storage unit is an ideal place to keep items you wish to sell later because self-storage can free up space in your home, and flexible lease terms mean you can downsize or stop using the self-storage unit entirely as you sell the items off. And since storage units come in various sizes, there’s probably a match for your belongings, no matter how numerous they are.

Save Time, Make Money

It may be tempting to sell off items as soon as possible, but it’ll probably be more worthwhile to wait until you have a large array of items to sell. This means you’ll be able to make more money in one go, while saving time by not going back and forth from the storage unit to the car boot as often.

Keeping It Organized

Your self-storage unit might contain both items you plan to sell and items you plan to keep. If that’s the case, dedicate one area of your unit to “keepers” and one area to items you’re going to sell. As you add items to the sale area, take some time to price each one before it goes in. This will save you time in the long run and avoid the daunting task of pricing all the items at once.

And if you’re keeping for-sale items in boxes, label each box so you don’t lose track of what’s in them. A pre-priced, well-organized set of goods will set you up for success on sale day.

Find Self Storage Near You

With self-storage units across the UK, Mr Store can help you prepare for a yard sale or provide storage for practically any other need. For details, contact a self storage location near you today.