Self-Storage for Students

Whether you’re a University fresher, a recent graduate, or you’ve decided to spread your wings and spend some time experiencing a gap year or completing seasonal work abroad, you may be looking for somewhere that you can store your belongings for some time. University students can accumulate a lot of belongings during their time away from home, so much so that moving back into their parents’ home can often seem like an impossible task for one simple reason: limited space. Similarly, if you’re due to start University and want to have your belongings a little closer to your campus halls, … Continue reading

Who Needs A Garage? Try A Storage Container

Garages are all too often used to store junk, old bikes, and disused garden furniture or tools. If you want to reclaim your garage space a storage container is a great solution. Moving all your garage belongings into a container, either on your property or in a self-storage facility, frees up your garage for its proper use – storing your car. Continue reading

Moving In A Hurry: 4 Tips For Success

Moving in a hurry

There are all sorts of reasons you might need to move in a hurry. Maybe you need to break your lease because your apartment isn’t working out. Maybe you’re selling a home and got an offer earlier than you expected. Maybe you need to move to start a job immediately. No matter the cause, moving quickly can be stressful–but the following tips can help you succeed. Continue reading

Moving House? Self Storage Can Help With The Transition

The purchase of a house or flat has an incredible number of moving parts: The buyer and seller have to agree on a price and other terms; the schedule has to work out; and any lenders involved have to approve the whole process. In the meantime, the buyer and seller have to move their belongings. Self-storage can help with that last part, assisting buyers, sellers, and real estate agents alike: Continue reading

Saving For A Mortgage? Consider Moving Back In With Your Parents

£600,625. That’s how much the average home in London costs as of 2016.

Looking to buy a home outside of London? The average home cost across all of England and Wales is still very high: £298,030.

If you’re worried about the stigma attached to moving back home, don’t be: More people than ever are doing it, with saving money as a primary motivator. Continue reading

Could Your Businesses Benefit From Self Storage?

Self-storage has all kinds of applications for individuals: seasonal clothing storage, temporary extra space during a move, a place to keep heirlooms, and dozens more. But businesses of nearly any kind can also benefit from self-storage, which is eminently flexible. Here’s a look at a few ways different businesses can make use of self-storage. Continue reading

The Benefits of Downsizing With Self Storage

While people often spend much of their lives trying to upgrade to bigger and better homes, retirees and empty nesters may find it easier to manage a smaller home. Downsizing can free up money and time.

One of the biggest hurdles to downsizing is figuring out what to do with all your stuff. Here’s how organization and self-storage can help overcome that hurdle. Continue reading