Self-Storage for Students

Whether you’re a University fresher, a recent graduate, or you’ve decided to spread your wings and spend some time experiencing a gap year or completing seasonal work abroad, you may be looking for somewhere that you can store your belongings for some time. University students can accumulate a lot of belongings during their time away from home, so much so that moving back into their parents’ home can often seem like an impossible task for one simple reason: limited space. Similarly, if you’re due to start University and want to have your belongings a little closer to your campus halls, … Continue reading

Who Needs A Garage? Try A Storage Container

Garages are all too often used to store junk, old bikes, and disused garden furniture or tools. If you want to reclaim your garage space a storage container is a great solution. Moving all your garage belongings into a container, either on your property or in a self-storage facility, frees up your garage for its proper use – storing your car. Continue reading

Could Your Businesses Benefit From Self Storage?

Self-storage has all kinds of applications for individuals: seasonal clothing storage, temporary extra space during a move, a place to keep heirlooms, and dozens more. But businesses of nearly any kind can also benefit from self-storage, which is eminently flexible. Here’s a look at a few ways different businesses can make use of self-storage. Continue reading