Tips to Make More Space in Your Home This Christmas

During the festive season, it’s likely that your house will become home to a whole host of family and friends that you don’t often see throughout the year. In that case, getting your home prepared to host should be on the top of your list. First, it’s time to create some much-needed space. Sell Items You No Longer Need When is a better time to have a major clear out than the time leading up to Christmas? We understand that this can seem like a huge, daunting task but creating piles to throw away, give to charity and to sell … Continue reading

Self-Storage for Students

Whether you’re a University fresher, a recent graduate, or you’ve decided to spread your wings and spend some time experiencing a gap year or completing seasonal work abroad, you may be looking for somewhere that you can store your belongings for some time. University students can accumulate a lot of belongings during their time away from home, so much so that moving back into their parents’ home can often seem like an impossible task for one simple reason: limited space. Similarly, if you’re due to start University and want to have your belongings a little closer to your campus halls, … Continue reading

Getting Prepared For Your Gap Year

When you hear travelling stories they are not “I went tubing in Laos, we were all sober because we couldn’t afford any beers.” or “I fainted at the Taj Mahal because I hadn’t eaten in 2 days.”

You want every penny you can spare to see the world your way right? That’s easier said than done when you are paying out for vaccinations, visas and an awesome backpack as well as rent. Continue reading

Could Your Businesses Benefit From Self Storage?

Self-storage has all kinds of applications for individuals: seasonal clothing storage, temporary extra space during a move, a place to keep heirlooms, and dozens more. But businesses of nearly any kind can also benefit from self-storage, which is eminently flexible. Here’s a look at a few ways different businesses can make use of self-storage. Continue reading