Could Your Businesses Benefit From Self Storage?

Artist at work in his studio.Self-storage has all kinds of applications for individuals: seasonal clothing storage, temporary extra space during a move, a place to keep heirlooms, and dozens more. But businesses of nearly any kind can also benefit from self-storage, which is eminently flexible. Here’s a look at a few ways different businesses can make use of self-storage.

Landscapers and Contractors

Landscapers and contractors have all sorts of space needs, from lawn mowers to power tools. A large, organized storage unit can be a great solution. For instance, a storage unit organized so that there is an open middle walkway between two rows of shelving can provide seamless access to all of a contractor’s tools. Or one can serve as a bay for landscaping vehicles and gear.

Office-Based Businesses

This is a broad category, but any business run from an office can benefit from self-storage. A self-storage unit can be used to store files, excess furniture, extra computer hardware, and more. Of particular importance is that a square foot of self-storage is typically much cheaper than a square foot of office space.


Realtors may not be an obvious choice for this list, but they need access to a surprising amount of items daily. Realtors who need a secure place to keep keys, marketing materials, documents, lawn signs, and lockboxes can find an economic solution in self-storage.

Creative Professionals

  • Artists can use self-storage units to store supplies, show samples to prospective buyers, or even as studios in some cases.
  • Musicians can use self-storage to store gear and, in some cases, as a rehearsal space (though they should be sure to discuss this with the facility’s manager).
  • Writers and editors can use self-storage to clear out space in their home for a home office or secluded writing space.

This is only a partial list, as there are several traits that make self-storage appealing to nearly any business. Unit sizes are flexible; lease terms are typically month to month; and facilities and individual units have security features to keep belongings safe. If you think your business could benefit from self storage click here to find a self storage location near you, or contact MrStore today.