Five Must-Have Move-In Items

Must-Have Move-In ItemsMoving to a new place is always a big undertaking. Between planning, packing, and the sheer time moving takes up, it can be easy to forget about everyday items you took for granted at your old place but might not be present at your new home. Here are five such items, and why you should be sure to have them around.

Trash Bags

Moving produces a tremendous amount of trash, such as discarded tape and worn-out boxes. Make sure you have trash bags on hand at your new place so that unpacking doesn’t produce as much clutter. If you don’t have a trash can at first, don’t worry: As a temporary solution, you can suspend a trash bag by hanging the drawstring handle over a doorknob.


This item is especially important if your place doesn’t have much built-in lighting. Though moving at night isn’t the best approach, sometimes it just has to happen that way. The same goes for unpacking. A flashlight can be your ally until you’ve unpacked or bought lamps for your new space.

For a “lamp simulator,” get a flashlight with a ratcheting stand on the bottom. Those can be set on the floor or on furniture and pointed somewhat vertically, freeing up your hands and throwing light all over the room.

Eating and Drinking Instruments

Though people in the middle of a move often opt for quick-fix meals like delivery pizza or Chinese, it’s still extremely helpful to have items to eat with. Paper plates, bowls, disposable cups, and plastic silverware provide an easy solution. Paper towels make for great moving napkins. For a more environmentally friendly approach, plan to pack your dishes and utensils so that they’re easy to access once you arrive at your new home.

Toilet Paper

No explanation necessary.

Shower Curtain and Rings

Moving in is hard work, and people often want to shower at the end of a day of it. Unfortunately, showering without a shower curtain is a recipe for a soaked (though new to you) bathroom. Plus, shower curtains are something that’s often thrown away when leaving an old place, so chances are there may not be one on hand unless you plan for it. And don’t forget the rings.

Chances are, even with this checklist, you’re going to need to do a few runs to the store as you realize, “Darn, forgot something else…” But taking these items along is a way to avoid urgent bathroom situations, stressful clutter, or drinking from a faucet.