Four Moving Mistakes to Avoid

four-moving-mistakes-to-avoidThere are tons of articles on the Internet, including on this blog, about ways to make a move go more smoothly. The opposite angle is: What are some things you should absolutely avoid doing during a move? Read on to find out four mistakes you should stay clear of.

1. Losing Access to the Essentials

While getting ready in the morning, have you ever realized you’re out of toothpaste, clean shirts, deodorant, or some other essential? If it screwed up your morning, just imagine that feeling during a move. That can easily happen, especially after you’ve packed up your bathroom or bedroom. A remedy: Pack a small bag with everything you’d need on a weekend trip, including a change or two of clothes plus a roll of toilet paper.

2. Taking Everything

Moving can be a great opportunity to get rid of stuff you don’t use or need any longer. Clothing that goes years without being worn, dinged-up furniture, and redundant appliances are all easy candidates for removal–either by selling or donation. But choosing to keep everything is potentially a way to lengthen your packing time and create excess clutter in your new place.

3. Removing Sleeping Options

Beds are something people often take for granted–until they’re gone. This can happen during a move: If you’re selling or donating your old bed, or putting it in storage temporarily, you’ll need a new place to sleep. Plan to at least have air mattresses or sleeping bags at your new place until you have a permanent bed moved in. Moving is tough–and it’s even tougher after a night sleeping on the floor.

4. Last-Minute Moving

People, especially those who have never moved before, often think they can simply wing it and throw their move together at the last minute. This can be a serious mistake: Packing takes a good deal of planning and time to do correctly; a lease that ends on the day of your move can add a severe layer of stress; and a move that stretches into the evening is more difficult than one done with the benefit of daylight. Take care to start planning and executing your move far in advance of when you actually need to be out of your old home and into your new one.

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