Keeping Life Clutter Free

keeping-life-clutter-freeClutter is an annoyance. It’s not pleasant to look at. And it makes everyday tasks take longer (ever had dinner take longer to make because you couldn’t find the right utensil?). However, clutter is avoidable, or at least containable. Here are a few ways to tamp clutter down:

Purge Excess Clothing

If you’re like most people, you wear a small set of your available clothes the majority of the time. That is, you’ve got things you wear frequently, and then other things that might hang in a closet for months without leaving the hanger.

An easy way to cut down on clutter is to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year. Donation is a very simple way to achieve this. Once you’ve cleared out closet or drawer space, you can use that room to reorganize your remaining clothes or store something else.

Keep Your Kitchen in Order

You don’t need to be a neat freak to cut down on clutter in your kitchen. A knife block or magnetic knife bar can keep knives all in one place, rather than scattered about. Spice racks are very cheap, yet can make cooking more efficient and enjoyable by keeping all your spices at hand. And hooks–which can attach to walls, refrigerators, or inside of cabinets–are an easy way to keep items like oven gloves and spatulas easily accessible yet out of the way.

Jump On Mail Immediately

Mail builds up: Put off responding to one letter here, save a bill for next paycheck there, and suddenly your kitchen or entryway looks like a post office. To keep mail from building up, try these strategies:

  • Switch to e-billing whenever it’s an option.
  • Sort and open mail near a trash can, so you can junk unwanted mail immediately.
  • Keep a paper shredder on hand to securely dispose of mail with identifying information.

Rent Extra Space

If these strategies fail, or just aren’t enough, then self-storage may free up space for items you can’t keep organized but don’t want to get rid of either. For more information, visit for locations throughout the UK, or contact MrStore directly. And check out our post on keeping a self-storage unit organized.