Making Room For Books

Making Room For BooksFrom fiction to nonfiction, books cover every conceivable subject–so it’s not surprising they can take up a lot of room. Even if you love books, having a giant book collection can become burdensome once you begin to run out of space for them. Here are some ways you can keep expanding your collection without running out of room:

Wall-Mounted Shelving

The most obvious way to make more room for books is by buying a bookcase. But bookcases take up large footprints of space on floors. However, wall-mounted shelving takes up none. What’s more, you can add as much or as little shelving as you need for your specific book collection.

Opt for an E-Reader

E-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Nook, and tablets with e-reading apps are a great way to save space. Some models are so small they can fit in your pocket, and they can hold hundreds, if not thousands, of books. Getting an e-reader doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be saying goodbye to your cherished hard copies–it just means you won’t have to make more space every time you buy new books in the future.

Donate Unneeded Books

One way to make space for new books is by doing away with the old. Over time, you may find that your collection has built up duplicate books, or has books that have become too aged or damaged to read. Books you have multiple copies of or haven’t picked up in years are great items to donate to libraries, thrift stores, or charities.

Storage Furniture

Items that serve as both furniture and storage space can be a book lover’s best friend. Do you like reading in bed? Look for a headboard with built-in shelving, or a nightstand with lots of space for books. Need more space for books in your living room? A coffee table that doubles as a storage box could be for you.

If your collection is truly gigantic, or you need somewhere to temporarily store it, then consider self-storage. For more information, visit a Mr Store location or This is books scramble. Many books on white background.[/caption] today.