Moving House Checklist: Last Minute Tips You Need to Know

When moving to a new house, careful and forward planning are absolutely necessary to minimise stress. This list covers all of the important tasks you will need to complete, starting at a little over a month before the big move right up until moving day.

Four Weeks Before

Under normal circumstances, one month may seem like a long time. However, for someone who is in the process of packing up their belongings and moving into a new home, there is plenty to squeeze in in such a short amount of time. At this point, you should have discussed the exchange of contracts with your solicitor, finalised a moving date and arranged a removal company to help you on the day.

Two Weeks Before

It’s time to confirm all of the important details in preparation for your move. Your new contact details should be given to your estate agent, removals company and, if necessary, schools. Now is also the time to consider if there are any items that you need to put into storage until you get settled in your new home. Self storage companies provide the perfect solution for those who require a temporary and secure space to store anything from large items of furniture to clothing.

One Week Before

During the final week at your old address it’s likely that you’ll start to feel stressed about moving day. Your packing should be almost finished, including the belongings that are to be housed at your self storage container. Make sure that you have placed all important documents (passports, driving licenses, insurance papers, etc) in a clearly marked box for safe keeping and that all other boxes have been cross-referenced to rooms. This will only make moving day easier.

Moving Day

On moving day, make sure that your removal company knows which items require special care. Meter readings should be taken today for your providers and your keys should be left for the new owner. Windows should be secured and utilities switched off before you make your way to your new property.

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