Moving House? Self Storage Can Help With The Transition

house-hunting-self-storageThe purchase of a house or flat has an incredible number of moving parts: The buyer and seller have to agree on a price and other terms; the schedule has to work out; and any lenders involved have to approve the whole process. In the meantime, the buyer and seller have to move their belongings.

Self-storage can help with that last part, assisting buyers, sellers, and estate agents alike:

Self-Storage for Sellers

One of the hardest parts about selling a home is figuring out what to do with all your stuff: Even before the property sells, you’ll probably want to remove many of your belongings so that potential buyers can envision the home as theirs. Getting as many items out of the way as possible opens up better possibilities for staging the home.

Self-storage can help with this problem by giving you somewhere to put your stuff until you have a new home to move it to. This can also cut down on moving stress by giving you more time to move your items after the sale.

Self-Storage for Buyers

If you’re buying a home, you may face the same “stuff dilemma” that sellers face: What do you do with your things while you wait for the purchase of your new property to clear? This can be especially tricky if you’re going from renting to owning and are near the end of your lease.

Once you’ve decided to buy a home, consider renting a self-storage unit to ease the stress of finding a temporary lodging for your belongings. This can also free you up to stay with relatives or friends if you need lodging between homes. The question, “Can I stay at your place for a few days?” is more likely to get a “Yes” if you’re not bringing a full household of belongings with you.

Storage for Estate Agents

Estate agents can also make use of self-storage, which can be a huge help during staging. Staging a home has been shown to have a huge positive effect: Per the Daily News, professionally staged homes “spend 73 percent less time on the market.” That could be the difference between selling in three weeks and three months. Agents who provide the perk of staging assistance can use self-storage units to temporarily hold items for clients or store staging furniture when not in use.

To learn more about how self-storage can help you during a home purchase or sale, contact MrStore today or visit one of their locations in person.