Moving In A Hurry: 4 Tips For Success

Moving in a hurryThere are all sorts of reasons you might need to move in a hurry:

  • Maybe you need to break your lease because your apartment isn’t working out.
  • Maybe you’re selling a home and got an offer earlier than you expected.
  • Maybe you need to move to start a job immediately.

No matter the cause, moving quickly can be stressful–but the following tips can help you succeed.

Keep a Kit of Essentials Ready to Go

Keeping a set of essential items on hand can make it easier to endure a fast move. Those items include a few changes of clothes, a set of toiletries, medications, water and non-perishable food, and a sleeping bag or air mattress plus blankets. These will allow you to more easily stay with friends or family while looking for a new place. And once you’ve secured a new place, these items will make it more habitable as you move items like a bed in.

Hire Movers

It can be tempting to save money by trying to handle a move yourself, but there may be no greater time saver than professional movers. Note that it’s important to be clear about the responsibilities the movers have; for example, find out whether their quoted rate includes help packing or is simply for pickup and transportation.

Pack Well

It’s possible to pack both quickly and carefully. In fact, packing in a planned, controlled manner will probably save you time, especially on the other end as you’re unpacking. Some specific tips include:

  • Buy adequate packing supplies, including boxes, tape, and cushioning.
  • Have plenty of markers on hand so that you can label all boxes.
  • Don’t overpack boxes; ones that are too heavy present a safety hazard and will be difficult to load.

Consider a Self-Storage Unit

If you need to get your items out of your old place in a hurry, few businesses are better equipped to help than self-storage facilities. They can provide a home for your items during and after the move, and variable unit sizes mean everyone can find a fit. To learn more about self-storage facilities in the UK, contact a MrStore location near you today.