Moving In Together: Merging and Purging

If you and your romantic partner have decided to move in together, congratulations are in order! Unfortunately, condolences are also in order, because now you have to figure out how to fit all your stuff into the same living space.

Arguments over what to keep and what to abandon can take the romantic glow off in a hurry, even if you’re moving in after something as wonderful as a springtime wedding.

It’s not an easy task, but a few strategies can make merging all your stuff together easier.

discussionDiscuss: As with nearly any relationship issue, open communication is essential to successfully moving in together. Take the time to talk about how “full” you want your house to be, and how the two of you want to decorate each room. That can make a big difference in what you decide to keep and what you think won’t fit.

furniture Plan Your Furniture: Furniture makes up the most space-consuming element of any household, so it’s important you evaluate rooms in your dwelling with that in mind. Measure each room’s dimensions, and compare it to your furniture. Figure out which pieces will fit well. And don’t overlook doorways: If they’re too narrow or short for a particular couch or sofa to fit through, well, that makes getting rid of that item an easy decision.

 Ditch Duplicates: This is one of the easiest ways to cut down on the volume of stuff that will enter the home. For instance, unless you’re an extremely heavy-duty cook, you probably don’t need two blenders, two slow cookers, or two spice racks. An easy way to pick which duplicate to keep is to ditch the older model.

sale Continue Cutting: Getting rid of redundant items helps, but so can looking through all of your stuff and asking if you really need it. Clothes you haven’t worn in a year, or other items you haven’t touched in six months, are prime removal candidates.

storage Rent Extra Space: If the two of you still have too much stuff, or have items you want to keep until you move somewhere bigger, consider renting a storage unit, which are available throughout the UK.

Like any move, moving in with a partner has its challenges. But open communication and careful planning–along with being cutthroat when it comes to getting rid of items you don’t need–can make moving in together feel like less of a battle against mountains of stuff and more like a fulfilling step forward in your relationship, as it should be.