Mr Box: Quality Self Storage Throughout The UK

Self storage sites using containers from Mr Box don’t quite stretch from Land’s End to Joan o’ Groats, but their coverage of the UK isn’t far off.

Mr Box supplies self storage containers as far south as Longs Down in Cornwall, as far north as York, as far west as Bridgend, S. Wales, and as far east as Great Yarmouth along with plentiful locations in between.

self-storage-wootton-green-bedfordshire-01If you’re looking into self storage, there’s probably a Mr Box–supplied site nearby, one that probably has a good fit for you no matter your storage needs.

Maybe you’re moving and need a temporary space for your belongings. Maybe you need somewhere to store business supplies. Or maybe you’re just sick of having a cluttered home.

Regardless of the reason you’re looking into self storage, storage units from Mr Box stand out for three reasons (aside from their widespread availability): The containers keep belongings safe and dry, come in a flexible variety of sizes, and usually come with ongoing support.

Well-Designed Containers

Mr Box’s storage containers come with several features allowing for both security and ease of use:

  • Ventilation prevents condensation from damaging belongings—especially important in the UK’s damp climate
  • Double-walled lock boxes, custom padlocks, and anti-jemmy flanges give peace of mind
  • Sealed floors provide a stain-proof, durable surface
  • High-mounted locking bars make units easy to open


Dimensional Flexibility

With typical units ranging from 8 feet by 7 feet (suitable for storing items from one room) to 20 feet by 8.5 feet (able to hold the contents from a typical three-bedroom house), renters can easily find a space that fits their needs—regardless of whether you’re downsizing or upsizing a home, need a place to store a cherished vehicle, or just want more room for another reason.

Special containers—such as those with multiple rooms and extra-large ones up to 40 feet in length—may be available at some sites as well.

Ongoing Support

self-storage-wootton-green-bedordshire-03Many locations which use Mr. Box containers provide support services to make self storage easy:

  • Most sites sell boxes and packaging materials
  • Flexible, long- and short-term leases are available
  • Collection and delivery services are available in many areas
  • Long access hours, so you can get to your belongings when you need them

If you’re looking for self storage checkout out our self storage operator map for a site near you.