Optimizing Closet Space For Storage

optimizing-closet-space-for-storageDo you ever wish you had bigger closets? Does clutter make it more difficult for you to get ready in the morning? If so, there are several easy ways to free up space in your closet–for substantially less money and effort than you might think.

Prioritize Positioning

There’s no sense reaching over an item you use once a year to get to stuff you need daily. Place everyday items–underwear, undershirts, favorite outerwear–in an easy-to-reach spot. Less-used items, such as formal wear, can go into a more inconvenient area; just make sure it’s hung in a way that won’t make it wrinkled when you need it.

Use Hooks

Self-adhesive hooks are a very easy way to boost your closet’s storage space. They can go on the outside of a closet door, or even on the inside if there’s enough room to hang an item without interfering with the door’s opening and closing. Plus, you can put hooks in other areas of your home; for instance, hooks in your entryway can hold coats so that they don’t need to take up closet space.

One In, One Out

Crowded clubs often adopt a one in, one out policy: that is, no person comes in unless another one leaves. You can do the same with your closet: If you buy a new shirt, donate an old one that you haven’t worn in awhile. This will prevent your closet from becoming choked with clothes you don’t wear anymore, while at the same time freeing up space for fresh additions.

Maximize Vertical Space

Picture a closet that has a bunch of shirts hanging up, then a large gap between the bottoms of the shirts and the floor. That entire gap is wasted vertical space. Here are some ways you can take advantage of such gaps:

  • Hanging closet organizers, which can act as de facto dressers
  • Double-hang closet rods, which attach to an existing closet rod to provide extra hanging space below
  • Secondary closet rods, which attach to the wall at a lower height than the original closet rod to double overall hanging space

Seasonal Self-Storage

Perhaps most effectively, you can add more space–by renting self-storage. This is especially ideal if you have extensive warm- and cold-weather wardrobes: Once the weather starts to turn one way or the other, you can retrieve the appropriate clothing from storage, while swapping in the other set to create space. Mr Store has self-storage locations throughout the UK. To find out more, simply contact Mr Store.