Organizing Space In A Flat Or Small Home


Maximize A Small Space: Create Zones (

Cozy is often a polite-but-backhanded compliment for cramped, small dwellings: “Oh, your new flat is so … cozy!” But there are several strategies you can use to turn your dwelling from cozy as in “cramped” to cozy as in “efficient and wonderful.” These ideas work in everything from studios to container homes:

Make Zones

Many cities use segmented planning systems to try to keep things orderly, and you can do the same in your flat. This can be particularly helpful in a studio or container home, where separate rooms for separate functions aren’t always available. recommends demarcating separate areas for working, sleeping, relaxing, and eating. You can create zones by using color schemes, curtains, or even furniture placement.

Raise Your Bed

Beds take up a lot of room–which means you can fit a lot of stuff under them. Any bed frame with legs will have space under it, but you can create more room for thick or bulky objects by using bed raisers. An extreme option is lofting, where the bed is raised several feet off the floor. Under a lofted bed, you can put storage space, like cabinets, or a work area, like a computer desk.

Use Hanging Organizers

Hanging organizers are a way to create room for storage without taking up extra floor or counter space. These can go in your bathroom (where they can hold toiletries), your kitchen (where they can organize utensils and spices), or your closet (where they can store clothes). Additionally, specialized hanging organizers are available for items like shoe collections.


Maximize A Small Space: Customize (

Make Your Furniture Versatile

Storage-optimized beds aren’t the only pieces of furniture that can serve more than one purpose. Many ottomans open up to provide storage space. Wine racks can store more than just wine in a pinch–their slots are great for holding small clothing items. And adhesive or hanging hooks can turn any tall cabinet into an impromptu coat rack.

If after trying these steps you find you still don’t have quite enough room, you can always rent some storage space. Storage units are great for additional belongings you don’t use very often or that you use on seasonal basis.

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