Safe Self Storage For Electronics

Safe Self Storage For ElectronicsStoring most items in a self-storage unit is easy: Wrap them, box them, label them, and stick them in. But if you plan to store electronics, a few extra steps can make a big difference in keeping your electronics safe and frustration-free.

Cable Control

As anyone who’s ever gritted their teeth while untangling one knows, cables can get coiled around themselves in a hurry. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix: Velcro cable ties provide a safe, inexpensive way to keep cables tame and organized rather than devolving into a rat’s nest of tangles during transport and storage.

Wrapping Electronics

It’s a good idea to wrap fragile electronics in bubble wrap. That said, using tight plastic wrap as a long-term covering is a bad idea. Moisture might get trapped inside with your electronics, opening the door for mold or mildew to take root. An alternative is to use cotton coverings for protection.


Keeping your electronics off the floor provides two main benefits: They won’t get stepped on, and they’ll be safe from any water that enters the unit. Pallets are a cheap way to elevate your electronics. Alternatively, if you’re storing any sturdy items in your unit, electronics can go on top of those. Just don’t stack them precariously.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Back up any data, and keep the backup separate from the original drive.
  • Batteries can corrode over time. Remove them before putting an item in storage.
  • Take CDs, DVDs and flash drives out.
  • Silica or another dehumidifier can help suck moisture out of the unit, keeping it away from your electronics.

It does take more effort to store electronics than typical items, but it’s not much more difficult than keeping them organized, dry, and safe. Doing that will help ensure your electronics come out of storage in the same working order they went in.