Self Storage For Musicians

self-storage-musiciansIf you’re a musician, you’ve probably noticed how much space instruments take up. Guitars, keyboard, drums, amplifiers–there’s a reason bands often need vans to haul all their stuff around. Musicians also need space to store merchandise, keep instruments, and rehearse. Self-storage can help with all of those.

Storing Merchandise

Many people barely have room for their own clothes–let alone dozens or hundreds of pieces of their band’s clothing, waiting to be sold. A self-storage unit can give you a place to keep your merchandise. CDs, clothes, posters–anything you plan to sell can wait in storage until it’s needed.

Storing Instruments

Figuring out what to do with instruments you won’t need for awhile can be tricky. Storage in a shed, for instance, could leave instruments vulnerable to rodents, who love to chew and nest. But a self-storage unit can provide a safe, dry area for your equipment. (For information on how to store guitars, check out our handy guide.)

Rehearsal Space

At some facilities, there may be units suitable for rehearsal space. Before renting a unit you plan to use for rehearsal, talk to the facility manager to be sure power access and noise won’t be a problem. An added bonus? You’d be able to store your instruments and then use them at every rehearsal.

Other Perks

Aside from their myriad uses, other features make self-storage units ideal for musicians. Security, such as custom locks, can keep your belongings safe. Expansive access hours can let you access your items whenever you need them. And flexible rental agreements keep you from getting locked in to a long contract, while still letting you rent storage for however long you need. To learn more about self-storage options near you, contact Mr Store today.