Self-Storage For Small Businesses

self-storage-small-businessRunning a small business isn’t easy. Small-business owners need to use every tool they can to get ahead, especially in the early stages. One of the best tools? Self-storage. Here are a few ways self-storage can help small-business owners:

Inventory Storage

Need somewhere to put inventory? Self-storage can help, boasting flexible unit sizes, 24/7 access at some locations, and security features. And by renting a self-storage unit, you may be able to save money overall by leasing a smaller main store or other business location, rather than a bigger one just for storage capacity.


A self-storage unit can be a great location to show off what you can do. For instance, at one unit in the U.S., a bathroom designer and builder used his space as a showroom. Another customer, an interior designer, kept “carpet samples and home décor items” in her unit for customers to see.

Equipment Storage

Equipment can be bulky and impractical to have on hand all the time, particularly if you don’t need it every day. However, a self-storage unit of the right size can hold whatever you need, whether it’s a copier, lawn mower, or some other business tool.

Renovations or Moves

Is your business location about to undergo renovation, or about to be moved entirely? Self-storage can provide a temporary home while you get your location settled.

The final advantage of self-storage is that it can shift to meet your needs. As your business expands or becomes streamlined, you can rent more or less storage space as necessary. And unlike many commercial leases, you won’t be locked into a long-term agreement.

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