Storage Ideas For A Small Bedroom

storage ideas for a small bedroom

The ALGOT clothes storage system at IKEA

Whether it’s because you’re in a starter home, a small apartment, a dormitory, or just like cozy spaces, it’s not unusual to end up in a bedroom that seems lacking in storage space. These items can help you make the most of a small bedroom:

Storage Bed Frames

In a small space, furniture that serves multiple purposes is very helpful. That’s the idea behind storage bed frames.

If you’re purchasing a bed for a small space, consider buying one that comes elevated on legs, so that you can use the space underneath for storage. If you already have a bed, don’t worry–bed risers can elevate it, opening up lots of storage space. (Bed skirts can hide the appearance of clutter under a raised bed.) Another option is purchasing a bed that comes with built-in drawers.

Storage Furniture

As with a storage bed frame, storage cabinets can pull double duty. For instance, using a storage cabinet as a nightstand gives you two items in one. To make the most of a small space, avoid putting in tables that are “only” tables; anything the same width and height, but with storage built in, offers an advantage without taking up more space.

Hanging Closet Organizer

Don’t have room for a bulky dresser? A hanging closet organizer might be your solution. These simply attach to a clothing rod, then hang down. They have most of the functionality of a dresser while taking up no floor space. Some come with removable drawers. A standard closet organizer can hold everyday clothing items, while specialized ones are available for shoes.

Clothing Rack

If you find your closet lacking in space, then look into buying a clothing rack. Clothing racks are essentially rolling clothing rods. You can park one in an out-of-the way part of your bedroom, both giving you a spot to hang your clothes and freeing up your closet for storage of other items.

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