Storing Camping Gear

Storing Camping GearCamping can be a simple, relatively cheap way to escape and de-stress. But it requires a surprising amount of gear, including tents, cooking equipment, and hiking supplies. Keeping it all organized can be a challenge, so here are some tips to help you do so:

Keep Your Gear Clean

Before putting your gear away, be sure to thoroughly clean and dry it. Cooking gear with food stuck to it can be a pest magnet, while damp tents can develop mildew. Storage tubs are a good way to keep your equipment from collecting dust while in storage–and they double as nifty transport aids.


Your handy set of camping utensils may be super useful–until it disappears into the bottom of a box or backpack, not to be seen for years. Avoid this fate for your small objects by packing them with other small objects in dedicated bags or boxes. For instance, all your cooking items could go in one. You can then label and store the item collection in a larger tub or box.

Keep Checklists

As with any type of organization or storage, checklists are your friend. Keep a running log of what you take on each trip and what comes back (hopefully everything). You can also use a checklist to mark down what items need repair, replacement, or fresh batteries.

Utilize Self-Storage

Depending on where you live, there may be no obvious spot to keep all your camping gear. But a self-storage unit can be perfect for that purpose. With flexible lease terms, various sizes, and numerous locations, there‚Äôs likely a self-storage facility near you that can give you the room to store your gear–and provide space if you want to expand your collection. For more information, contact MrStore or visit one of their facilities today.