Student Storage Solutions: Make Life Easier!

University Student - Moving & StorageMoving once is tough. Moving twice a year? That can feel impossible. But that’s what university students essentially do: once to leave for a new semester, and once to come home at the end of the next.

The frequent living-situation changes university students face can be a challenge, but there are several ways self-storage can make it easier.

Fewer Moving Headaches

Hauling stuff back from a dorm every time a school year ends can be a pain, but it’s one you can avoid by using self-storage.

Packing up your stuff and taking it over to a nearby self-storage unit can be much easier than hauling it all the way home, and much cheaper than getting rid of everything and starting anew every year.

Space Saving

Space in student housing can be tight, which makes extra room come in handy. Here’s a quick sample of items you can temporarily store to open up room in your abode:

  • Textbooks you don’t need this semester but may need later
  • Seasonal clothes you won’t wear for a few months
  • Any duplicate items, like cookware, that you and your roommate both possess
  • Excess furniture that doesn’t fit in your current home

Shorter Apartment Leases

If you rent an apartment near your school, chances are you won’t need it when school isn’t in session. With some planning–make sure your lease isn’t for a full 12 months–you can avoid paying for an empty apartment while you’re not around. If instead you rent a much cheaper self-storage unit during the months you won’t be in town, you can simply leave your stuff there and pick it up when you return for a new semester.

What other service can save you money, time, and room? Indeed, for many people, the usefulness of self-storage is a great lesson learned while at university.