The Benefits of Downsizing With Self Storage

Downsizing With Self StorageWhile people often spend much of their lives trying to upgrade to bigger and better homes, retirees and empty nesters may find it easier to manage a smaller home. Downsizing can free up money (smaller homes are typically cheaper) and time (they require less maintenance and cleaning).

One of the biggest hurdles to downsizing is figuring out what to do with all your stuff. Here’s how organization and self-storage can help overcome that hurdle.

Thin Out Possessions

As with any move, downsizing will be less stressful with every item you don’t have to pack up and move. Car boot sales and donations are two ways to cut down on belongings. If you’re storing things for your children, on their next visit, ask them if there’s anything they no longer need you to hold on to.

Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

Moving items you won’t need regularly into self-storage is a great way to make downsizing more feasible. By following these strategies, you can pick the right unit:

  • Pick one that’s convenient in location to your new home. It can be tempting to pick one that’s close to your old home for expediency during the move, but over the long term, you’ll save more time with one close to your new place.
  • Pay attention to access hours. If the facility is usually closed when you see yourself typically needing it, then it’s not a good fit.
  • Make sure it has the right unit size for what you need. You can research this online, but the best way to figure out the best size is probably visiting a specific facility and talking to an employee.

Stay Organized

Once you’ve chosen a facility and specific unit, you can start moving your things in. Here are some tips for staying organized during that process:

  • Plan to pack items you’ll need more frequently in the front of the unit so they’ll be easy to access.
  • Label all boxes.
  • Keep a list or diagram of items in the unit, to make your items easy to find.

With that, you’ll be able to access your items whenever you need them, while still enjoying the time and money you save by downsizing your home.

For more tips, check out our guide on staying organized during a move. And for pricing and other information on self-storage in the UK, visit any MrStore self-storage facility or contact us by e-mail.