Winter Self Storage

winter-self-storageWeather isn’t the only thing that changes with the passing of the seasons. Different seasons call for different clothes, different decorations, and different furniture, among other things. As winter approaches, here’s a look at how self-storage can help you during the coldest part of the year.

Gear Storage

Outdoor grills aren’t much use in winter–and in fact may suffer if left outside in the elements. The same goes for some patio furniture. Solve the problem for items like these by sticking them in self-storage.

On the other hand, if you have bulky items that are only useful in winter–say, a snow plow for your vehicle, or skis and snowshoes–then self-storage is a great place to put them until needed.

Children’s Items

Kids’ belongings can take up a lot of space, but not everything gets used year-round. Self-storage can be a place to keep seasonal items like sleds and beach gear until they’re actually needed.

Free Up Closet Space

Winter clothing is bulky and puffy. If you have clothing that isn’t likely to be of use during winter–such as flip-flops and bathing suits–then you can free up space to easily store and access winter clothing by storing warm-weather clothing in self-storage. (For more hints on maximizing your closet space, check out our post on the topic.)

Vehicle Protection

Like many other items in this article, lawn mowers are both mostly useless in winter and vulnerable to winter weather. The same goes for vintage or project cars–you probably won’t want to drive a prized vehicle on salty, dangerous roads. You can keep such items conveniently tucked away and protected with the right self-storage unit.

Holiday Storage

Between Christmas, New Year’s, and other holidays, winter brings lots of gatherings and therefore lots of logistical challenges. Self-storage can be a good place to keep presents, decorations, guest furniture, and other items that you don’t need year-round but don’t want to get rid of, either. (For more on holiday self-storage, click here.)

Decided self-storage is for you? Unsure and want more information? Either way, you can proceed by contacting MrStore or visiting a facility location.